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Cacoon Primary School


Cacoon Primary School is located in Hanover, Jamaica. At full attendance there are 175 students, ages 3-6, with 10 teachers and 4 ancillary workers as faculty. During this project there were many challenges observed. Most notably the principal often had to close school early and cut classes, because of the Health and Safety exposure created by this lack of access to water. As a consequence, the students’ learning is compromised


Challenges Include:

• Many of the students lack the basic resources required for education such as notebooks, pencils and books.

• Creating student, parent and community engagement

• Access to tools and technology to prepare students to compete in global economy

• Infrastructure (two partially functional toilets for all students and staff)

• Direct water access to the school cut, creating a reliance on a water truck to transport water

Renovated the boys and girls bathrooms including:

• New sink and toilet fixtures

• Painted walls and stall doors

• Resurfaced the floors

In addition to the bathrooms, we:

• Fixed sewage pipes outside of the school

• Repaired the roof

• Painted offices

• Renovated teacher’s bathroom facilities

Six-week Impact Campaign (July-August)

Challenged relatives and members of our network to contribute $20 toward the renovation of the students’ bathrooms

Raised the targeted total of $12,000

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