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$20 Challenge

What is the $20 Challenge?  

From September 26th to October 18th 2019,  the World Class Jamaica team hosted the $20 Challenge in support of the relocation of St. Theresa’s Basic School in St. Mary’s parish in rural Jamaica. St. Theresa’s Basic School in St. Mary’s is home to 20 pre-school students ages 3 to 5 years old.


The school, which houses the students is an 80+ year old concrete church building that has been repurposed as a school. They have been without electricity for four years, the windows are boarded up, there are holes in the roof, causing water to pour into the classroom when it rains and there is only one door through which the students can exit. This makes for an unsafe and uncomfortable environment, wherein the students’ learning is compromised.



There was an opportunity to relocate the students to a nearby facility, however because it is located by the water, proper fencing would need to be installed around the exterior and repairs and minor renovations would need to be made to the interior. Our goal was to collect donations from 800 people to amount to a total of $16,000.00. Thank you for being the change!

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