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Who We Are

World Class Jamaica (WCJ) is a Registered Canadian charity that is facilitating change in the world by empowering  youth through education. Led by change-makers in Toronto and Jamaica that make up the organization’s Board of Directors , World Class Jamaica has implemented best practices from around the globe to co-create community-led social change in regions of Jamaica.

WCJ believes equitable access to quality education is a human right for all people. This is why we seek to eradicate social and economic barriers to education for children and youth, through community-led initiatives that holistically assess, repair and revitalize local communities to give children an opportunity to achieve their full potential.

In partnership with local educators and community leaders, we help children find their voice, nurture their well-being and cultivate scholastic success, because educated children empower communities and can change the world.

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Our Mission

We are committed to developing sustainable programs and initiatives that serve students in priority schools in Jamaica by:

• Facilitating access to resources

• Creating a safe learning environment

• Promoting well-being


Our Values

• Optimism: Disposition towards a successful outcome

• Accountability:  Commitment to justifiable actions and decisions.

• Respect: Treat people with courtesy, politeness and kindness

• Inclusivity: Strive to create an environment where all stakeholders feel valued

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